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As part of the serie GIOVENTÙ COSMICA we are happy to host this e-gallery project featuring Cité Des Arts artists in residence.

Referencing the original 1980-1984 Italian “Cosmic” subculture and its gut-driven multimedia imagery, this web space is meant for reimagining and fostering what can be considered Cosmic today in visual art, performing art, dance and music.

Studio portraits by photographer Anaïs Horn and stylist Celia Moutawahid.



A n d r e y a   O u a m b a


Andréya Ouamba     2_37040-09-10 copy copiaAndréya Ouamba, Dakar, 2002     andréya ouamba, congo brazzaville, 2002










AndreyaOuamba_(C)AHORN-1646 copia4


J’ai arrêté de croire au futur – Andréya Ouamba – Cie 1er Temps




Born in Congo, based in Senegal, Andréya Ouamba is one of the major emerging choreographers in West Africa. In 1995, his first choreography, L’Haleine, won 1st prize at the Mabina-Danse Festival. In 2000, he started Compagnie 1er Temps that has, over the years, traveled from Dakar to Abidjan, Burkina Faso, Johannesburg, Paris, Dusseldorf, Berlin, Bielefeld, Seoul, Denmark, Mali, Mozambique and Cameroon. He won first prize at the prestigious competition Danse L’Afrique Danse 2007 with the duet Improvisé 2, which has since toured globally.



S a m a    A b d u l h a d i

SamaAbdulahabi_(C)AHORN copia



An emblematic artist of the Palestinian scene, SAMA’ (previously named Skywalker) is the first Palestinian DJ and electronic music producer. She started mixing in 2006 in parties around Ramallah, Palestine, soon producing her own music and expanding her interest in synthesis in 2010.



H e l e n a   D e  L a u r e n s

tumblr_o5zng3Mt3q1roq4rho2_r2_1280HelenaDeLaurens_(C)AHORN-2039 copia


Helena De Laurens – La Bête



“Quand je lis que vois-je? 
Quand je geste que dis-je? 
Je joue. 
Faîtes vos Jeux
Jette vos Feux”
H a g a   R a t o v o


HagaRatovo_(C)AHORN copia


Debussy/Rabearivelo/Ter Ter = Golden Bounty



I am Haga Ratovo and I am a musician, more precisely, a kind of (classical) pianist. I am french and my parents coming from Madagascar. I studied at the Conservatoire de Paris and I am now in artistic residency at the Cité Internationale des Arts, in Paris.
After a lot of projects with several great contemporary music ensembles like Ensemble Links or Ensemble Le Balcon, I decided to lead my own multidisciplinary project: – I’ma Golden Bounty: Creolisation Studies part 1 – I’ma Golden Bounty – is about the topic of Identity, Biculturalism and Creolisation on the french territory. I needed my artistic activity being more politically engaged, more connected to real situations and real people. Not only playing music for playing music but trying to “talk” about the conflicts and tensions that young bicultural girls and boys can feel, here in France ( police control, discrimination in housing and in employment…) They are french but not considered as french citizens. How can they surpass this situation?
– I’ma Golden Bounty – is the encounter of Jean-Joseph Rabearivelo (great malagasy poet under the french colonisation at the beginning of the 20th century), Debussy (great gfrench composer from the same colonialist period) and  great young french nowadays bicultural people.
All my works and future works will be about double culture; about how things are mixing, interacting and giving something unexpected as the Creolisation is defined by the great Edouard Glissant.