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As part of the serie GIOVENTÙ COSMICA we are happy to host this e-gallery project featuring Cité Des Arts artists in residence.

Referencing the original 1980-1984 Italian “Cosmic” subculture and its gut-driven multimedia imagery, this web space is meant for reimagining and fostering what can be considered Cosmic today in visual art, performing art, dance and music.

Studio portraits by photographer Anaïs Horn and stylist Celia Moutawahid.

L a u r a   S c h a w e l k a


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Laura Schawelka is a German artist who graduated from Frankfurt’s Städelschule before moving to Los Angeles where she received her MFA at the California Institute of the Arts, ValenciaSchawelka’s work examines modes of representation and display, the production of value in its different systems and the politics of seduction through installation, video and photography. She is currently an artist in residence at the Cité internationale des arts Paris with the Hessische Kulturstiftung. Her recent solo exhibitions include fiebach, minninger, Cologne; FILIALE, Frankfurt; and Garden, Los Angeles. Her work has been exhibited at the MMK Museum of Modern Art, Frankfurt, Germany; Part I, Cologne, Germany; Vacancy, Los Angeles; Galerie Jacky Strenz, Frankfurt, Germany and MAK Museum of Applied Arts, Frankfurt, Germany.

Anaïs Horn

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Anaïs Horn, born in Graz/Austria, lives and works as a creative director, fashion/portrait and fine art photographer in Paris and Vienna. She studied Communication Design and German Literature in Graz and Berlin/Potsdam (Emphasis on Editorial Design and Photography).
In 2014 and 2015 she g
raduated from Friedl Kubelka school for fine art photography Vienna, under the direction of Anja Manfredi. She was given the international scholarship for Fine Art Photography of the Austrian Federal Chancellery and spent 3 months in the Cité Internationale des Arts in Paris from July to October 2017. The commission of the Cité des Arts having extended her stay, she was a resident until March 2018. Still based in Paris she is working on both artistic and commercial projects.
Anaïs Horn’s photography observes people and their spaces in intimate ways. Gently crossing borders, fracturing what we understand as private, it returns to themes of time, memory, loneliness, longing, transience, the body and its traces, and the aesthetics of reality.

F a b i o   S a n t a c r o c e

6_Fabio-Santacroce_Parigi-meravigliosa-ma-con-te-sarebbe-magica_installation-detail-1200x800 21_Fabio Santacroce_Il Futuro Era Bellissimo Per Noi, 2016_IL FUTURO ERA BELLISSIMO PER NOI_63rd-77th STEPS_Paris


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Fabio Santacroce’s works set a seamless play between reality and fiction, dilettantism and refinement, aesthetic exuberance and political investigation. He combines low and high culture references, incorporates ordinary objects, video animations, music, synthetic materials and digital prints, assembled into implosive constructions always threatened by a sense of divertissement and bitter youthfulness. Santacroce employes a post-pop/conceptual language, as both constructive and deconstructive, wry and gentle, in which the physical overlaps with the virtual, and the political with the biographical. Through building subtle links and shortcircuits, his installation allows us to wander around a courteous nihilism mixed to a working class ethos, while subverting every attempt of romanticization. Since 2014, has been running in his hometown Bari, 63rd-77th STEPS, a project space confined between the 63rd and the 77th step of a multi-floor staircase, inside the apartment building where he used to live.

T r e n d a f i l a   T r e n d a f i l o v a

Still-Life-With-Lemons                               TrendafilaTrendafilova_(C)AHORN copia

Trendafila-Trendafilova-Painting Blue-Table-With-Chair


I paint and collect those experiences, which have made me either very sad or extremely happy. Sometimes, during these experiences, my physical presence is not sensible. I depict more what i hear and listen to, as a harmonic sound ensemble. If there is no music playing mechanically, I listen to my inner pictures of harmony. The digitally-virtual world – now a preferred place for habitation, unlocks new levels of visual experimentation and triggers questions about the cognitive nature of men. It is important what is watching you from within the painting. It is important that what you observe, observes you in return…to facilitate that connection… Depicting “the static”, as a property of virtual and physical objects of presence is symbolic of my latest personal perceptions and visual relationships. 

In our nature we are natural. Water is my only way to feel connected with nature, while living in a plant-less flat. Following an ancient pagan ritual I need to be dressed all in skies when entering the warm water (under the shower I collect the water in a basin) where I forgive everyone and everything and foresee my future visual projects.