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As part of the serie GIOVENTÙ COSMICA we are happy to host this e-gallery project featuring Cité Des Arts artists in residence.

Referencing the original 1980-1984 Italian “Cosmic” subculture and its gut-driven multimedia imagery, this web space is meant for reimagining and fostering what can be considered Cosmic today in visual art, performing art, dance and music.

Studio portraits by photographer Anaïs Horn and stylist Celia Moutawahid.

O m a r   M a h f o u d i


ma-01                                                 OmarMahfoudi_(C)AHORN-0049 copia                      ma-0




Omar Mahfoudi – Live drawing


Born in Tangier, Morocco in 1981. Omar studied at the Moulay Youssef Schools in his hometown. Then, after a Bachelor of Plastic Arts, he decided to be completely devoted to painting, looking for a proper expression that frees him from the taboos that assail him from the Moroccan society. His first solo exhibition was in Casablanca art house and in 2010 at Formato Comodo gallery, Madrid, which showed a selection of pictures and videos depicting characters and ways of living in Tangier. In 2008 he won the 2nd Prize at the Film Festival of Young Talents 2009 issued during the Cannes Film Festival for Young Filmmakers.

V e r e n a   W a l z l

                                 VerenaWalzl_(C)AHORN copia                                                               BLM


Verena Walzl – Dialectic libido



Verena Walzl is an artist from Wolfsberg, Austria. She holds a degree in German Studies (2011) and is studying Art History at the University of Graz (diploma thesis on “The Scathing Art Subjects”, postmodern natural romanticism on the example of artistic dealing with earth after 1945), sculpture at the Art University Linz and Performative Art at the Academy of Fine Arts Vienna.

P r e d r a g   L o j a n i c a


PredragLojanica_(C)AHORN-0499 copia

               loj_10                                                                                                        Schermata 2018-01-25 alle 14.07.38


Born in 1973 in Tomasevalc, Serbia. 1998–2003 Studied at the Faculty of Fine Arts of the University of Arts in Belgrade.
2007 Master’s degree with the graduation work “Portrait of a man”. Since 2008, attending doctoral studies at the Faculty of Fine Arts in Belgrade.
2014 Defense of his doctoral art project “In a monastery – pictures, drawings, video works”. «I lived more than two years in a Serbian orthodox monastery near the capital city Belgrade. These paintings were made there. I lived a very specific way of life, full of prayers, singing, works, very early getting out of bed etc. I painted there, drew, wrote of that kind of life … it was a beautiful time for me, I will never forget this place…»

R u i    O z a w a

RuiOzawa_(C)AHORN-1050 copia



Japanese saxophonist, Rui Ozawa began her studies at the Senzoku University of Music and then joined the CRR Cergy-Pontoise.
In 2011, Rui won the 2nd prize at the Japan Wind and Percussion International Competition (Japan). In 2013, she received the Honorary Award at the Leopold Bellan Competition (Paris) and the 2nd prize at the Dreux Competition.
She plays as a soloist with the Kanagawa Symphony Orchestra.