“Enya as a godmother for this spiritual-trance renaissance, a river of sounds that can lead our souls from the current to the next phase of consciousness and spread healing force through mystical echoes and ambientcore pads. When you’re sailing away towards your new self, waves can shake you, but try letting go of your ego, leave it on the surface and dive deep into the blue depth of your inner self.“





JQ – What Was and What Will Be
Leif – Yarrow
Downstate – Teleport Past & Future
Treasure Hunt – Lifeform
Saarahsson – Ephemera Tryptich
Homefell – nm;lm
Merely – In the Wizard’s Eye
Nico Niquo – Space Inside Your Head
Adeptus – Offering To the Master
Weird Magic – Niwaki
Benoit B – Diamonds Rain
CFCF – B. Aldrian
Boudy – Heavy Gloom
Sangam & Pixelord – Adapted Current
Oneohtrix Point Never & (Sandy) Alex G – Babylon
Staycore – Erelitha
India Jordan – See Four




“Spiritual Sauna is a feast for angels, fantastic creatures and astral travelers born under the sign of Scorpio to bring pure positive energy and a deep community bond on the dancefloor. Our sounds melt, collide, intersect, giving life to creatures that transcend all known forms.
We are looking for new tools all over the world to overcome old boundaries. We reject genres and definitions, we believe in the unity that is created by forgetting the differences and mixing them in an infinite melody sung by Enya”


Sauna X Vitelli

ANGELI: 20th September 2019, Spazio Vitelli


Sauna X Vitelli

CORRI AMORE, CORRI NON AVER PAURA: 23rd February 2020, Spazio Vitelli

Lyra Pramuk


Sauna founders went for a Cosmic trip to Czech Republic, where artists from all over the world gather each summer for Creepy Teepee, a pioneering music festival revolving around the gothic town of Kutnà Hora.

“CZ Trip”  Virginia W, co-founder of Spiritual Sauna